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INTERVIEW: Ricardo Navarro, CEO, TOC Biometrics at Money20/20 2017

On the show floor at Money20/20 this week, FindBiometrics President Peter O’Neill caught up with Ricardo Navarro, CEO of TOC Biometrics. The Chile-based firm specializes in biometric customer onboarding, KYC, and mobile transactions, and has understandably attracted some interest from the financial services-focused crowd in Las Vegas.

In this interview, O’Neill and Navarro discuss Apple’s new Face ID facial recognition system for the iPhone X, which Navarro calls “a huge game-changer” that nevertheless fails to address the issue of customer onboarding for businesses; as well as Deloitte’s recent verification of the accuracy of TOC’s facial recognition technology, the benefits of biometric patient identification in healthcare, and the issue of biometric databases.

Revisa el audio aquí:

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